What are Domain Names?


In the real world people have home addresses in which they can be located and on the Internet, every website is found via a web address called a domain name. Simply put, a domain name is where your website lives, but it’s not only that. A domain name is also the identifier of your website and lets people know what kind of website they will be going to.

Since domain names are descriptive identifiers, it’s important when selecting a domain name that you choose a domain that is easy to remember, short and relative to whatever you’re offering on the website. Choosing a name for your website can be difficult. Finding the right name for your site takes time, but it’s important so do take your time in selecting the best domain name for your website.

There is a big problem with selecting domain names and that is many people have already chosen domain names that you may be thinking about. There are over 150,000 new domain names registered every day. In addition to that, there are individuals and companies who try to think of domains that will be popular in the future, register them and then sell them to the highest bidder. It is sort of like purchasing land on an upcoming hot corner and then selling it to the big box retailer. It’s quite popular because of the small fees for registering a domain name.

As mentioned before, choosing the perfect domain name is probably the most important aspect of building a website. You should give yourself ample amount of time and thought when you are going through names and ensure that the domain name makes sense with the website you are trying to create. Not only that but you are going to want to make sure that its easy for someone to pronounce and spell when they want to go to your website.


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