6 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress

why wordpress

WordPress is known commonly as a blogging tool and publishing platform. It is a website software utilized for beautiful websites or blog creation. WordPress is both simultaneously priceless and free. What makes it great is the numerous volunteers that contribute, for example, plugins and templates and other modules.

Beneath, we will take a gander at our top six purposes behind the CMS power and why WordPress is utilized to such an extent!

1. Easy To Install

WordPress is really simple to install. You could be ready to customize your website in about 15 minutes. You have the option to self install or make use of a web-host. If you take heed to the simple instructions, your website can be running live in less than an hour. If you’re familiar with Word or any other word processing program then you should have no problem using WordPress, as it truly is the very same with regards to composing content and the main distinction is that you publish your content as opposed to saving the work on your computer. There’s a wide variety of features you will utilize over time, however with regards to conveying something that everybody can utilize, WordPress will dependably get the vote.

2. Wide Range Of Add Ons

Add ons, or plugins as they are referred to in the realm of WordPress, truly makes this CMS emerge from all the others. There are so many different superb and free modules on the web that you can discover one to meet just about all of your necessities inside of a couple of searches. One of the best components about WordPress is the large number of simple to utilize modules that are accessible.

3. Perfect For Navigation

WordPress permits you to affix customized menus very simply, which means you have control of your website’s navigational structure. The navigational structure is a main ranking factor for Bing and Google, so make certain you have a natural structure. Ideally, WordPress makes this efficiently easy.

4. Design Integration

WordPress utilizes style sheets and CSS, as a result you can just about lay out any design over the top of this content management system, which vanguards to a great design combined with a stable control system. Additionally, WordPress offers a broad selection of themes; these are free and paid, but even so they are inexpensive and worthwhile.

You have the ability to download any of them to your WordPress in only a matter of seconds. You can change the layout or even shift between various themes and yet, still have the older ones waiting for you to select it again.

5. Ongoing Support

Since WordPress is an open source software, millions of worldwide developers are locating and repairing security loopholes and bugs, meaning you have the option to contact one of these talented developers for support.

If you have a business and are in need of full control over your website and you also have staff hired to assist you but don’t necessarily desire for them to gain full control, this can also be accomplished with WordPress. WordPress allows you to assign various user levels where you can set up different access abilities. This means that the Admin has full control while you set the lower levels for the rest of your employees.

6. WYSIWYG Editor

WordPress is an awesome solution for individuals who aren’t familiar with HTML. Add your content utilizing the WYSIWYG editor. With the (WYSIWYG)”what you see is what you get editor,” you will be able to compose your text with style, font or color or even include your images without HTML knowledge.

A great deal of people haven’t realized that obtaining a WordPress Express site could mean an expedient listing on the search engines. It is possible to get listed in only a few hours.

There are a lot of reasons why WordPress is so popular, but mainly because of ease of use and the control level that’s permitted. WordPress is among one of the best content management systems that is available. It is appropriately structured for simplicity so that Google can access the vital content so as to rank easily than a static website. The more operative your WordPress site is, the more traffic you receive and it will rank better with Google.

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