When is Drupal a Better Choice to Make a Website

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Drupal is considered one of the most popular free content management systems available, with over an estimated one million dedicated users and more than seven hundred and fifty thousand websites that utilize the power of the Drupal content management system. There are numerous other content management systems available, so the question is; when is Drupal the better choice for designing and building your website or blog? This article will explain the many advantages to using Drupal for your website, and in what conditions it is most important.

The Advantages of Drupal

There are numerous advantages to using Drupal over other content management systems, such as the greatly reduced risk to your website’s security, and the sheer number of free modules available.

Rich in Features

Directly after it is installed, Drupal already includes a wide variety of features and functions within its programming. It comes equipped with everything you need to design and build a basic website, a simple blog, or a standard forum without the need to download additional modules.

Versatile Content Management

Drupal excels at what it was built for; the management of content. The creation and management of your website’s content is made easier with the latest Drupal version. You can use a specialized editor to copy and paste snippets of text, add, move, and remove high-quality images, and even embed videos, all with great ease.

Reduced Risk to Your Website’s Security

Due to the reduced number of hackers focused on breaking into Drupal websites, and the insignificant amount of tools designed with the capability to hack into them, Drupal is a much safer alternative to other content management systems.

Room for Improvement

Drupal is designed to be improved upon through the use of modules that are downloaded directly into the website, and change the way it behaves, while also incorporating additional features into your website. With over seven thousand community built modules, you can quickly expand upon your Drupal website and make dramatic changes to it with ease.

Strong, Growing Community

Every day more individuals switch to or start using the Drupal content management system. The Drupal online community is riddled with experts on web design, who can answer any questions you may have, and even design more modules for use in websites made with Drupal.

When is Drupal a Better Choice?

While Drupal is an extraordinary content management system capable of creating high-quality websites of all shapes and sizes, you may still be considering using one of the other free CMS’s that are currently available. Well, there are a number of cases in which Drupal would be a better choice than its competitors, which are all listed neatly below.

  • You should choose Drupal as your content management system if your website is going to continue growing over time, because with the modules Drupal offers, it is easy to expand upon your website.
  • If multilingual support is important for your website, consider using Drupal rather than one of its competitors.
  • If your site will be required to handle a complicated variety of content types, such as those needed for eCommerce or multimedia, the best choice for a content management system would be Drupal.
  • If you want your site to be as mobile friendly as possible, Drupal is the CMS for you. It has been developing and testing mobile device support since before any of the other content management systems even started considering it.
  • If your website is going to be fairly large and will keep growing, Drupal is designed to be the best CMS for huge websites.
  • If you want a decreased risk of your website being hacked into, Drupal is the most secure popular CMS currently available.

So as you can see from the list above, there are a large number of reasons as to why you should choose Drupal rather than another content management system, such as WordPress or Joomla, and in what conditions it benefits you and your website the most.

Final Verdict

The decision of which content management system you use is, of course, dependent on your own personal preferences and the type of website you are attempting to create. If you meet any of the conditions within the list above, it is recommended that you consider using Drupal as your content management system.

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