The Top 5 Green Web Hosting Providers of 2016

green web hosting

People today are increasingly concerned about their environmental impact. People also spend several hours online each day, and the Internet grows by well over 400%  each year. As users discover that green web hosting is one of many ways to reduce their carbon footprint, green hosting providers are becoming more common and accessible. Following are the top five green web hosting providers of 2016. Continue reading

9 Key Website Stats You Should Be Monitoring and Why

website stats

When it comes to checking and monitoring website stats in order to determine site performance, you will want to go deeper than just looking to see how many individual visitors your site brings in each day. There are many key statistics that can provide a deeper look into the performance of your site and allow for you to track trends and adjust your front end to take advantage of them. Anyone who creates and runs a website should keep regular track of the below statistics in order to fully understand how their site is performing on a day-to-day basis. Continue reading

5 Ways To Create The Best User Experience Design For Your Website

When you create a website where you hope to sell products to, educate or entertain your visitors, you need the best user experience design possible. Catering to users’ needs makes it easier to convert more visitors to customers or otherwise enhance or maintain its positive reputation. What are some of the steps that you should take to make your site as user friendly as possible?

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9 Key Strategies to Get Your Website to Rank Higher in Website Search

website SEO tools

In today’s online world, having a prominent web presence can make or break your company. The most important key in building your online presence is to increase your website’s rankings in website searches. Following is a list of nine key strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help your website rank higher in online searches. Continue reading

5 Free and Effective Ways to Increase your Online Sales

increase online sales

With the variety of e-commerce tools available to entrepreneurs and business owners today, there really are endless opportunities to make a good living through online sales. However, it is no longer enough just to post a few or several products on a website and wait for them to sell themselves.

Today, strategy is as important as quality in terms of finding out what works best to increase online sales for your products or services. In this post, learn about 5 effective online sales-boosting tactics that are also free! Continue reading