9 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Web Host

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When you want to create a professional website, it’s important to choose the right web host. Web hosting is a service that’s provided by thousands of companies. It can be overwhelming to see all of the ads, reviews and comments about different web hosts. Very often, you’ll see many positive as well as negative opinions about the same web host. The following web hosting tips will make it easier for you to choose the right web hosting company for your needs. Continue reading

12 Important Characteristics of a Good Web Host

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When you create a website, you want the best hosting provider to make sure that you site stays online as much as possible. Remember, when your site is down or not operating properly, you will see a decline in visitors and decline in the number of possible sales that you can make. With that in mind, what should you be looking out for when choosing a web host?

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The Top 5 Green Web Hosting Providers of 2016

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People today are increasingly concerned about their environmental impact. People also spend several hours online each day, and the Internet grows by well over 400%  each year. As users discover that green web hosting is one of many ways to reduce their carbon footprint, green hosting providers are becoming more common and accessible. Following are the top five green web hosting providers of 2016. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider For Your Website

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With so many technical features to choose from, it can be a daunting experience to try to find the right host for your website. The type of website hosting that you choose depends a lot on your individual needs. A dedicated server is a great option for people who need to manage complex applications and control every aspect of their server, but it would be a complete nightmare for someone who just wants to run a simple blog or informational website. Continue reading

5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Web Host

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Whether you have a significant amount of information you want to present to the Internet or you’re just starting out, selecting the correct web host for your needs is absolutely critical. Spend too much and buy too much space and you’ll find yourself six months down the road with buyer’s remorse, but if you underestimate, you’ll need to upgrade, shift hosts, or start over entirely. Understanding your needs – to generate income, garner significant traffic, or just have a presence on the web – will go a long way in selecting and employing a web host that serves your needs for years to come. Asking yourself these five questions before you lay your money down will help ensure your satisfaction rather than your disappointment! Continue reading