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WordPress has always been one of the best content management systems on the planet but only recently has emerged to be the kingpin of content management systems. Originally developed to be for blogging, WordPress has made a shift towards content management and it’s amazing how many people are now adopting WordPress to use for the development of their websites.

What people don’t realize is that WordPress is open source, so you’re able to take the software code that it was written on, put it on your own server and run an independent website, free from their servers. For that, you would need WordPress hosting.

In order to run WordPress, your web hosting provider needs to have PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or greater. You could also look for a hosting provider that has optimization done for WordPress, such as 1-click WordPress install, custom PHP.INI for memory adjustment, mod_suphp for security, etc.You will be surprised at how many WordPress hosting providers that claim they are the best don’t have any of these basic elements to host WordPress with ease.

This is why I only pick one hosting provider when it comes to my WordPress sites. I host a lot of my websites, including this one with GreenGeeks. They offer all of the tools required for a functional WordPress site at a very affordable price. For only $4.95 per month you get features like Unlimited space, bandwidth, add-on domains, MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, and a whole bunch more features. The good part is that they also have upgrade path’s for when your site becomes busy, such as VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Here is my GreenGeeks Review:


Performance is key when it comes to WordPress hosting. GreenGeeks uses the latest generation Intel Xeon processors, not the desktop stuff that the others use. Minimum 24 GB DDR3 memory, RAID-10 storage array’s and is connected on a world-class network. What I have noticed is that they do not over pack the servers either, so that’s always a plus.


They offer 24/7 technical support via live chat, e-mail and phone. I’ve been able to get a hold of them for everything I’ve needed help on, especially WordPress related. Friendly, fast and efficient.

WordPress specific features

They’ve got everything you need to get a WordPress website up and going. They’ve got the 1-click installer, the PHP environment variables already come with the minimum configurations, so I don’t have to play around with the PHP.INI, but if you wanted, you could. The environment is secure because they use tenant isolation technology along with mod_suPHP.


Very affordable. The price comes in at $4.95 per month on a 3-year term. If you use the coupon GGS30OFF, you can get another $30 off the price, which brings it down to $4.11 per month. If you can’t afford that, go find something else to do.


My experience with GreenGeeks for hosting WordPress has been a pleasant one. Their performance is great, their support is next to none and their price is very affordable. In addition to that, you’re helping the environment, so I don’t see the any side but the positive side.

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