10 Reasons Why WordPress is Just Awesome


If you are out surfing the web and looking for reasons why WordPress is awesome, then look no further. Here we will outline 10 reasons why WordPress is the best platform for you to help create your blog or website.

1) It’s free. Yes, absolutely free.

Of course they have advanced options for a small price, but when you can take the free version and do amazing things with it, what can be better. That may leave you wondering if the free version is worth it. Well, of course free is always worth a chance and with WordPress, you will see exactly the great things you can do with it. Typically in the world of software, when something is free, it’s best not to assume the quality much lack. There are many free programs that excel, such as Java, AVG Free internet, etc.

2) It’s incredibly easy to use.

If you’ve ever used any Word documents before, then odds are you will do well with WordPress. It’s a nice and smooth process that allows you to write your own words and design them however you wish, such as adding pictures and aligning the text to your specifications. With WordPress, you’re in charge of your own site. They want you to have full control and to design it how you wish, so there are no strict rules to keep you from having the site you desire to have.

3) It’s easy to add stuff.

WordPress is great at giving you all the proper functions to create an amazing website. For example, if you want to create a ‘contact me’ page or set up Paypal so people can pay you for specific services, those are available to you, as well as an endless variety of plugins

4) SEO is easy.

If you know your way around how to SEO advertisements and blog posts to attract more viewers to your site, then WordPress is extra special. You should learn SEO anyway to make sure you’re utilizing the plugins properly. But even for a newbie, WordPress allows you to the opportunity to help make sure it’s being worded properly to give your work the biggest impact possible.

5) Update the design of your page with themes.

Sometimes there’s nothing better for a website’s success than how good the design looks to the viewers. With WordPress, you not only get great functionality, but also options to design it how you wish, allowing you to attract more viewers and customers. You can add to the themes they have available or create your own.

6) Add a blog to your site.

The number one way these days how companies attract viewers to their sites is by adding a blog. It allows them to share information about new developments and interact with their customer base. But it’s not just companies who use blogs. They exist as a platform for anyone to advertise or share their voice on any number of topics.

WordPress is one of the greatest ways to add a blog to whatever venture you are looking to get into. And it’s not just for writing, but adding video blogs, graphics, etc. Any way you can think of to get your message to viewers, WordPress gives you the keys to do just that. Of course, adding a blog is just an avenue to share your thoughts, so don’t feel pressured to add one if you don’t want to.

7) WordPress is complete.

Yes, it’s as perfect to a site as you can get when it comes to giving you the power to control the content. You can do whatever you desire with it. And while some people enjoy having the keys to do just that, it is also great for people who are not that tech savvy. If you don’t want to play with the site or are unable to work the options, don’t worry! WordPress offers plenty of options and is extremely flexible to fit your needs.

8) Working with money is easy.

The average website exists as a way to do business as selling products through the internet is changing our everyday world. Physical stores are closing their doors as long as people can just purchase a good or service through an online outlet. In this way, WordPress gives you many options to choose from to take care of your business needs. You can add Paypal buttons so customers can easily send money straight to your account. There are other plugins available if you don’t have a Paypal account.

9) You get all the support you need!

WordPress is well-known for the amount of service it provides to its users. And it’s not even those who run WordPress, but others who have become experts at using the site and are happy to help answer other people’s questions. There are many blogs and sites that exist just to supply support to those who need it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the help you require to create the site of your dreams.

10) Starting is simple!

Hopefully this writing has convinced you that WordPress is awesome! There is nothing standing in the way of you creating a beautiful website that can help your business or ideas take off like a rocket. Every thing about it is wonderful and has been designed to make you love it. Happy creating! Learn to make a website with my step-by-step guide!

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