How to make a Website using Wix

Make a website with Wix

Today, it is easier than ever to build an attractive web presence. While many like using a content management system (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress, others are discovering the magic behind Wix, which is a simple and elegant site builder. I like and recommend Wix to the novice site owner because it produces beautiful results without needing to know any code. While other CMS platforms are more flexible, Wix is an excellent starting point for personal and business sites. In this article, I will explain how to make a website on Wix.

Why Use Wix?

Before anything else, let me say why I think Wix is a great platform for a website.

  • Templates: Wix offers nearly 300 beautiful templates for various industries, so anyone can build an attractive site regardless of experience.
  • Drag and drop: Wix is based entirely on the drag and drop approach, which allows the user to position elements anywhere on the page. This is my favorite feature on the Wix system.
  • Accessible support: every page and every element has a support button. This makes getting help easy without having to hunt through a knowledgebase.
  • Hosting built right in: the user does not need to purchase a separate hosting account before building the site.
  • Start free: a basic Wix site is free. There is no obligation to upgrade to a paid account although it is necessary to access certain features like custom domains.

How to Start with Wix

Before beginning the site-building process with Wix, I suggest having the following:

  • A modern web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • Some basic text and a few photos for content.
  • Patience and willingness to learn.
  • A credit card for upgraded features.

The first step is to go to the Wix website at Click the large yellow “Start Now” button that appears and complete the signup process. The user has a choice of email and password or using a social media login through Facebook or Google.

The next screen offers a list of site categories to choose from such as business, music, photography, design and retail. Choosing a category will make choosing a template easier, but I recommend selecting “all templates” in order to see the entire collection.

If a specific category is selected, the user is taken to the group of templates that are related to that industry. Clicking the blue “Edit” button will start the customization process.

Customizing a Wix Site

The user is presented with a short video after clicking the edit button. I think it is worth the small time investment to watch it as it will acquaint the user with the Wix platform.

When the video is over, the Wix editor will open to the chosen template. The following steps will help shape a stunning web presence.

  • Clicking the “Design” icon from the top-left menu presents a selection of fonts, colors and background images. The user can change the fundamental look of the site by making a few simple adjustments.
  • Clicking on any part of the template allows the user to add and edit elements while placing personal content. Text, images and media can be moved and arranged in any way the user wants. In my opinion, this is the biggest timesaver for a site owner just starting out.
  • Changing the page order and content: the pages menu, located just above the edit icon in the left navigation, also works as a drag and drop application. Pages may be created and ordered in any way the user needs. Individual pages can then be edited to reflect specific content. I like that every page can have its own layout, which makes the entire site more appealing to visitors.


When instructing people on how to make a website on Wix, I emphasize the power of page elements. These range from simple text and photos to media, shapes and buttons including social media.

The elements menu is opened by clicking the “+” icon from the left menu. The list that opens is straightforward, and users can drag and drop elements directly onto the page that is being edited. This is where the real strength of Wix lies. Users are able to create individual layouts for each page to draw attention to what matters most.

Each element has its own settings in order to fine-tune its appearance. All elements will naturally align and look right regardless of where they are placed.

At any point in the design process, the user can click the “Preview” button located at the top right of the screen and return by pressing “Back to Editor” to resume layout work.

Publishing a Wix Site

When the development process is finished, it is time to publish the site. The user only needs to give it a name and hit the publish button, and the site will be live. If the site is hosted on a free, basic Wix account, the URL will end in “,” and there will be advertisements on the page as this is what supports the platform. In order to remove ads, the user will need to upgrade.

For business sites, I recommend upgrading to use a custom domain name as this will make the site appear more professional. The “Combo” and “Unlimited” plans are a better choice than “Connect Domain,” which will not eliminate Wix ads.

After choosing a plan and making payment, the building of the Wix site is complete.

Evolution and Promotion

Having a beautiful website with a custom domain name is not enough. Attracting visitors and search engine optimization (SEO) are also very important. In order to achieve these goals, I suggest:

  • Keep the content fresh. This will encourage the search engines to crawl the site more often and award a higher rating for freshness.
  • Update the design. Even minor changes can refresh a site’s look and make it continuously attractive for visitors.
  • Set up an email account. Successful sites always have an easy method of contact. Wix users can create mailboxes through Wix mail, which comes with all paid plans.
  • Optimize SEO. Wix provides SEO settings right in the editor, making it easy to add keywords or a strong meta description, which offers search engine users a short preview of what the site is about.

Inexperienced users or those who simply want to get online fast will benefit from learning how to make a website on Wix. It is a truly powerful platform that will continue growing in the years to come.

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