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The popularity of turning to the Internet to make money makes it quite tempting to make an affiliate website. The process is quite simple, but first it is important to understand the goals of affiliate marketing.

For starters, a blog that engages in affiliate marketing is promoting services offered by other businesses. Each time somebody clicks on your link to buy an item, you receive commission. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you need very little money and know-how to get started.

I have found that most websites focus on advertising items related to a specific niche. The reasoning behind this makes sense. People visiting your website are interested in your niche, and they are more likely to click on your affiliate links if they are related to the same niche they are already showing an interest in.

Now, you must be aware that affiliate marketing is not an easy way to get rich quick. You must take the time to build up traffic and encourage visitors to actually make a purchase. The best way to do this is to use all the tools available to you. For this reason, many people turn to WordPress in order to build their affiliate sites.

The Benefits of WordPress

There is certainly a reason why so many people choose WordPress as a platform for making an affiliate website. For starters, you really don’t need to know much about HTML. Themes are readily available to choose from, and you can even purchase a custom one online. Copying and pasting code is the most significant step you are likely to take.

Next, you will see that WordPress makes it easy to integrate advertisements and affiliate links. In fact, the majority of themes used on the site have space you can use for ads. It will only take you a couple minutes to copy and paste an affiliate code into your sidebar.

Finally, I have found that the amount of support available for WordPress users is incredible. Millions of websites use WordPress, and any problem you face is likely one that others have faced before. A simple Google search will help you solve any problems with the platform.

Everything You Need To Make an Affiliate Website

A few basic items are necessary before you begin to create your website. Once you have these items, you are ready to start choosing your affiliate partners.

First, you need to find a niche, or subject, for your website. This is going to provide the theme for the products that your website promotes. For instance, a website dedicated to fashion is likely to have affiliate links pointing to clothing and accessory shops rather than to video game stores.

You will also need to find a web host with which to create a domain for your website. This host is separate from the WordPress platform.

Then, you need to have a series of content with which you can consistently update your website. Stale content fails to attract the readers you need to make your commission.

Finding Effective Affiliate Partners

Not just any affiliate partner will do. Wise selection of different affiliates is the only way to ensure that you are going to make money and secure a loyal following. You already know that your links need to match your website’s niche, but there are also other steps you can take as you select products and businesses to work with.

Take a look at the variety of products available. Should you consider promoting expensive items over less expensive options? While lower ticket items might be more appealing because they appear more accessible, you will be forced to sell many of these just to make as much as you would by selling one higher-priced item. Which risk are you willing to take?

Next, you might consider promoting subscriptions and similar services. This ensures that you receive a recurring commission, not just a one-time fee.

Next, you can consider whether you want to work directly with a company or you want to use a network that acts as a third-party in your transaction. For instance, Amazon offers an incredibly popular affiliate program that allows you to link to absolutely any Amazon product. Some website owners find that this program alone offers all they need. Others turn to third parties who work with a wide variety of websites offering everything from airfare to home renovation products.

Of course, you can always branch out and find affiliates of your own — no middle man necessary! Simply visit the website of a company you are interested in and look for a link designed for affiliates or partners. You might be surprised how many websites offer this opportunity.

Finding Hosting

Before you continue on to the next step, it is necessary that you create your domain, also known as the web address. Ensure that your chosen domain name is not only available, but also in fitting with the content you wish to display. You also need to find a web hosting service. There are plenty of options online, and the process of signing up is typically straightforward. Once you have found a host and established your domain, you want to install WordPress.

Choosing a suitable theme is the next step for your WordPress blog. The default themes are often great for those just starting out because they require very little effort to set up. One of the best themes for newbies is called “Twenty Thirteen” because it contains a wide sidebar that will fit all standard advertisements. Set up your theme by navigating to “Appearance” and then “Themes” from your WordPress dashboard. Select your chosen theme and activate it.

Of course, you are also afforded the opportunity to find a custom theme if you want to set yourself apart from the rest.

Post Your First Affiliate Advertisement

Once you have set up WordPress and ensured that you can view your website when you type in your domain name, you want to sign up with your preferred affiliate. You should poke around your account and find a product you want to advertise. Copy the provided HTML code from your affiliate and head on over to your WordPress dashboard to prepare your affiliate link.

In order to create a sidebar advertisement with the code you have copied, click on Appearance” and then “Widgets” from your dashboard. You will select “Text” from the menu of available widgets and then drag your widget over to the section titled “Secondary Widget Area.” You will then paste the HTML code for the advertisement. Make sure to save your code before leaving the page.

When you click “Visit Site,” you should then see your advertisement in the right sidebar. It really is that simple.

Launching Your Affiliate Website

When it is time to make your website public, make sure to get rid of the default content. This includes the sample post that simply says “Hello World” and the “Sample Page.”

Your next step is to make the website truly yours. I recommend setting up an “About” page to describe your intentions with the website. Your readers want to get to know you and build a personal connection with the writer behind the words. At this time, it is also wise to establish both a “Privacy Policy” page and to disclose the fact that you have affiliate links on your website.

As you launch your website, continue adding content. Nobody is going to click on your links if you are not consistently adding interesting and informative content. It’s okay if you are not a natural at blogging. Outsourcing content writing to professional bloggers is fairly typical for those who want to make money from affiliate links.

It is also important that you monitor your stats to see which advertisements are working best for your audience. Experiment as much as you’d like with different styles of advertisements. Some prefer to advertise on sidebars while others prefer in-text links.

The best part about running an affiliate website or blog is that you are building passive income once you establish a loyal following. Developing your website doesn’t have to be a full-time career, but it does take time to develop traffic and content that will help you earn money.

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