Turn your Website into a Money Maker

make money with your website

Your website is waiting for you to make more money, and I have come up with solutions that allow you to make more money. I have learned through trial and error how to make a website profitable, and I hope that my suggestions will serve you well. You must work very hard on each of the three suggestions below to make them work. These suggestions are not passive tips that you can take lightly. I recommend you try each of these items at once while waiting a few weeks to see the results of your work.

1) Advertising

Ad revenue is a common source of income for all websites. The best websites in the world make passive income all the time with ads, and you must use as many ad services as you can. Regular ads run on your site based on the type of website you have.

You should use Google AdSense, Chitika and other companies to get as many ads on your site as you can. Do not be shy about ads. The finest ads blend in with your site, and they look like they belong with your content. You are not going to turn off your readers with proper ads, and you will make money with every click.

Sponsored ads go an extra step. You may place sponsored ads on your site that come from a major corporation. Sponsored ads are from companies so large everyone has heard of them. These ads often bring in more money, and they promote products that a multitude of customers would buy. Sponsored ads pay a premium over standard ads, and you may request sponsored ads from companies you support.

2) Affiliate Marketing And Sales

Affiliate marketing takes up its own industry with the massive number of products that are available for sale. Affiliate marketing goes a bit further than advertising on your site. You are paid per click on your ads, but affiliate marketing pays you for each sale that is made through your site.

Your readers will see ads for specific products, and readers click the ads to see a page where they can buy these products. Every sale pays a commission to you, and you will see the money build up in your account just like your ad clicks. I have found that affiliate marketing only works with specific products that are targeted to the readership of your site.

A website that talks about hair care should use affiliate ads for hair care products. I do not allow affiliate ads on my site that miss my target audience, and I change the affiliate ads when new products come out. My readers are amazing, but I cannot make money off old products. You make money with your website only if you are sensitive to what consumers are buying today.

3) Sell Your Own Products/Services

Selling your own products requires a different touch. Companies that sell their own products online must use e-commerce technology to make the sales online. Customers choose the products on the website, and sales are made through an e-commerce page. These pages require their own software, and you must work with your web host to get an e-commerce page going.

You may accept any form of payment you choose on your e-commerce page, and you must give a full description of every product. An e-commerce program requires a shipping partner, and you must charge sales tax to those who live in your state.

I sell some of my own products online, but I update the pages of my online store often. Customers will grow frustrated if you run out of products they want to order, and you must warn customers when a few items are left. You will make a profit on every sale of your own products, but you are not making the income passively. You must spend time packaging, shipping and processing orders. Your business may be based on product sales, but products are only one part of the equation.

Take charge of the money you make on your website by using ads, affiliate sales and e-commerce. You can make money with your website if you are using each suggestion in this article as a starting point for perfecting your site. You will make much more money every month, and your website will become its own enterprise.


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