4 New Features in WordPress 4.2.1 You Should Know

new wordpress featuresCreating a superior website customized to your personal needs can be done using WordPress via web hosting plan. Having a domain that commands respect from search engines and that generates a high volume of traffic is only the beginning of creating a website. Four new features to WordPress offer web “amenities”, so to speak, to WordPress users who want to expand their level of online communication even further. WordPress 4.2 is now available for you to download, or update directly from the WordPress dashboard. When WordPress 4.2 was recently released, it corrected and improved many past function issues and comes with several new features added to an already great platform. Once you’ve backed up and updated your site from your WordPress dashboard, you can use new WordPress features right away. The following 4 new WordPress features are special mentions that you should know about.

1) Press This Tool

The Press This Tool feature is a new and improved bookmarklet in WordPress 4.2 that you can drag and drop to your browser’s bookmarks bar or post to your mobile home screen. This convenient feature gives you the freedom to share various content from any place on the Web to your WordPress site with a tap or click. Press This Tool is especially convenient when you need to instantly locate the excerpt, images and title for the content you are sharing since it quickly embeds these into your post.

2) New Characters & Emoji Support

Prior to WordPress 4.2’s release, WordPress didn’t support emoji natively. This was a major issue for WordPress users who wanted to communicate with a global base whose languages consist of characters, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean. To accommodate a larger global base, WordPress will automatically switch your utf-8 database to utf8mb4. You can access emoji characters by using them on your keyboard if you’re blogging on a mobile device or by going to Edit > Special Characters. In addition to displaying character language emojis, WordPress 4.2 also makes mathematical, music, and hieroglyphs available to you from anywhere on your WordPress site.

3) Faster Plugin Updates

Plugin updates in WordPress used to be drawn out, since you had to wait for a page to finish loading before you could perform another task after clicking on an update link. But not anymore. WordPress 4.2 now comes with a faster one-click plugin updates.

4) New Themes Preview

A much anticipated feature that you may been waiting for is the ability to preview your theme. Choosing the right theme can positively or negatively affect your content. Once you understand how this feature works, you can have expert web designers customize you one and then view the results before it displays on the Web in real-time. If any changes need to be made, they can be done using Themes Preview in WordPress. With the help of Google Analytics, you can see how well your WordPress supported website is attracting traffic and the frequency of regular commenters responding to your posts; this will allow you to gain insight on what initially drives visitors to your site and what keeps them returning as part of your WordPress.com business plan.


New WordPress features make using this free, open source blogging platform even more convenient and simple. As with previous releases, WordPress 4.2.1 offers support for any issues that you may come across. Likely, future WordPress issues will be less problematic with all of the new feature enhancements. Think of your website as a one-stop destination that web users will be eager to explore and share with their social networks. For example, WordPress Plugins can add even more options to your site. Producing quality content should always be a big deal for you to maintain your professionalism as a blogger, which WordPress Plugins does by displaying tailored lists of posts and acronyms as well as providing spell checks. You will also be happy to know that WordPress has included oEmbed in its whitelist. Now when you paste a link from Tumblr or Kickstarter you can automatically see it embedded into your post. Now that you’re familiar with a few of the new features and functions of WordPress, you can tap even further into the many capabilities WordPress provides without the hassle.

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