5 Great Tips to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

successful email marketing

You can use various dynamic methods to create successful e-marketing campaigns today. Since the world is now focused on strong visual communications, starting with an attractive email template including your business brand and logo will capture reader attention. You have most likely used banner and pay-per-click ads posted on blogs, advertising sites and on your own website, in the past. As these marketing techniques are still helpful, you can include attractive banners and colorful PPC ads in your email layouts. Of course, you need quality textual content. All text must be well-written, engaging and centered on your company’s products and services or on the major theme of your email campaign.

Most successful online marketers are active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks. Along with posting product or purpose-related updates and sending out Tweets on a regular schedule to promote your business site, you can include links to your social media site postings in your email campaigns as a powerful advertising and marketing strategy. Video marketing is the method of the moment today. After creating highly compelling videos focused on your website, company, products and services and posting them on YouTube, you can embed them in, or link them to, your marketing campaign emails.

Designing an Effective and Cost-Efficient Email Marketing Campaign

Using state-of-the-art, contemporary design components and updated marketing strategies, you can create successful e-marketing campaigns that are highly effective. With use of these engaging campaigns, you can actually reap the highest ROI of all your different marketing channels and efforts. In addition, email marketing is very low-budget, much to your advantage. It allows for spending funds on other forms of business promotion and development while bringing you impressive increases in targeted website traffic, customer base growth and sales conversion rates for financial profits. By implementing the following five simple tips, you can leverage and empower this simple marketing strategy to strengthen and expand your business:

1) Offer an Enticing Lead Magnet

Before the onset of popular email advertising and promotion, marketers posted ads in the classified sections of local or regional newspapers offering consumers the opportunity to order free reports or educational materials. These product marketers also sent out direct mail campaigns via U.S. Postal Service, often with return, postage-paid envelopes to encourage new customer response for sales. Postal marketing mail like this often included free offers as well, sometimes in the form of coupons redeemable for free products upon order of the main marketed product. Free printed lead-capture materials like product-related reports or dynamic testimonials from satisfied customers were also popular attachments to these direct mail ad campaigns.

With the introduction of email marketing, savvy Internet marketers employed this same direct mail technique, including attractive free reports, white papers or free product offers in their marketing emails, often as convenient attachments or downloads. These popular lead magnets are now commonly associated with marketing email and often anticipated and expected by interested email recipients. Through use of dynamic, product-focused email campaigns, online marketers can attract many new website visitors, buying customers and newsletter subscribers for their business sites. New subscribers also often receive free bonuses as rewards for website and newsletter registration. Their names and email addresses are then added to the regular email marketing target list for receiving future campaign mailings.

2) Capture Your Audience with Quality Content

By providing your new and existing target audience members with quality content, you have the best chance of keeping their interest as website members and customers for your business. Always remember, however, that subscriber interest can increase or drop, based on the engagement level of each successive email campaign you send. If you bombard your subscriber list with repetitive emails offering the same products and bonuses each time, you may quickly lose their interest. Your target audience may decrease in numbers due to your lack of newly designed and created email campaign content.

For best marketing results, you should distribute new, compelling email marketing content daily to your audience subscriber list. Each new email should include additional information and tips as engaging text and video, photographs or graphics, if possible, to keep your subscribers interested. Whenever you help your target audience solve a meaningful, relevant problem or offer them information on subjects of current value and importance, you will strengthen their engagement levels. You are empowering your alliance as marketer and audience or business owner and customer base. Your subscribers will appreciate your own interest and enthusiasm in sharing your updated business announcements with them, continuing as members of your steady customer list.

3) Create Good Levels of Customer Trust

It is essential to create successful e-marketing campaigns offering subscribers highly engaging business products each day, varying your message content with each new email. Glowing customer testimonials praising your company’s products and services are good for sustaining subscriber attention. Also, including some of your own personal experience stories revealing more about you, your interests, passions and ultimate business goals can do wonders for holding your audience’s interest and promoting site sales conversions.

It is best to refrain from sending lengthy, involved email messages with long text passages or complicated explanations. This long and complex information is better suited for e-course material or white paper attachments. Offering e-courses relative to your business for your subscriber list is an excellent magnetizing strategy for your site and products. In the info-sharing era of today, consumers are strongly attracted to online opportunities to gain new knowledge, especially when it is offered as a free e-course delivered in daily segments to their email addresses.

4) Offer Your Customers Transparency and Authentic Products

Some online company sites attempt to promote an image of unfaltering perfection and success. This may create the first impression of a stable, highly profitable business exempt from shipping errors or product malfunctions. However, consumers wise to the foibles of many e-commerce sites will see through this faux image. When you are completely honest with your subscribers and client base, presenting your business products, services, capabilities and limits honestly, with ultimate transparency, you will gain their loyal trust and future business. By revealing your human side as a business owner while offering your company products and goals clearly and truthfully, you will gain customer confidence. You will enable your customers to relate to you and your company’s purpose in a more conversational, meaningful way. Good customer relations will go the distance in making your business a lasting e-commerce success.

5) Engage in Honest, Ethical Business Practice

Always present all that your Internet sales company has to offer in an honest, straight-forward way. Never leave room in product descriptions for customer misconceptions, and always offer fair prices for your products and services. Along with free bonus items advertised on your site, offer frequent discounts and ongoing sale prices on certain products to show your interest in pleasing customers. When your clients realize that you desire their business and their satisfaction with your company brand and products, they will take more interest in supporting your company. They will respond favorably through increased buying and by sharing your website with family, friends and business associates via social media postings, email and word-of-mouth.

When you combine excellent business products, services and goals with top-quality website design and highly effective email marketing strategies, you will receive good results. You are well on your path to receiving steadily increasing rates of profitability and success as an e-commerce business owner. With the continued interest, support, loyalty and sales conversions of your currently active and growing customer base, your business will expand. You will gain greater Web visibility and a powerful image as a respected and innovative modern online enterprise.


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