Set Up phpBB In A Few Simple Steps

set up phpbb

If you have a Linux-based web hosting plan, you can use the automated installation feature for installing a variety of web applications like phpBB. As the term would imply, automated installation software automatically deploys a phpBB forum site and creates a backend database to contain your content. With just a few clicks, you can install and configure phpBB as well as many other software packages. Just launch the installer and type a few details to effortlessly and efficiently install your fully functioning, feature packed bulletin board.

To take advantage of automated installation and set up phpBB, follow these five simple steps.

1. Log into the CPanel Dashboard you use to manage your web hosting plan

Once you are logged in, locate the Softaculous or Fantastico Deluxe icon. Fantastico and Softaculous are software installers that enable you to install the phpBB package, as well as a multitude of other web applications, with just a few clicks. In addition, these installers keep track of your installations and will notify you when updates become available for the apps you have installed. Additionally, you can create backup copies for the apps you have installed using the features available in the control panel of the software installer.

2. Click the icon for the software installer

When you click the Softaculous or Fantastico icon, you are taken to the control panel for the software installer. The apps available for installation are listed in the left sidebar of the page.

3. Locate the “Forums” section in the left sidebar, and then click the PHPBB option in this section

You are redirected to a page that provides a complete description of the phpBB software and additional helpful information. From this page, you can explore reviews or access support documentation for phpBB.

4. Click the “Install” option in installation page to launch the configuration page

In Softaculous, the blue Install button is located in the top navigation menu. When you click “Install,” the configuration page opens so you can enter the directory where you want to install this instance of phpBB and provide additional data about your new forum site.

Click the “Choose Protocol” dropdown box, and then select either “http://” or “https://.” Select the later only if you will use SSL for secure connections to your phpBB forum. Otherwise, select “http://.” Next, click the “Choose Domain” dropdown box, and then click the domain name under which you will install phpBB.

The default location for the phpBB installation will be in the root directory of your web space. If you set up phpBB in this directory, users will access your new forum by using your domain name. In many cases, however, you may not want your phpBB forum to be located at the root level of your domain. If you want to install the software in a sub-directory, enter a new name for the directory in the “In Directory” field.

A database name is automatically generated for your board, however, you can change it if you so desire by typing a new name into the “Database Name” field.

In the “Board Name” field, type a name for your new phpBB forum. By default, this field is set to “My Board.” Type over the existing text to rename your forum to a name of your choosing. You can enter an optional site description for your board in the “Site Description” field.

Type a username for the administrator of your forum in the “Admin Name” field, and then type a password for the administrator account in the “Admin Password” field. The software installer will generate a random password you can use, or you can type over the existing text to enter your own. Type the email address for the individual who will be tasked with administering the forum into the “Admin Email” field.

Finally, choose the language you prefer for your forum, and then double check all fields in the form to ensure you have not made any mistakes or typos.

5. Click the “Install” button

Within seconds, the software installer has set up your phpBB board! You are redirected to a page that notifies you the installation is complete, along with a link to the administrative section of the site. Log on with your administrator credentials and begin adding users and managing your new phpBB board.

Setting up a phpBB board has never been easier with software installers like Softaculous. When new versions of phpBB and updates become available, the software installer will send an email to the administrator email address you provided during installation.

Keep in mind that phpBB is not the only type of web app that you can install with software installers like Softaculous and Fantastico Deluxe. You can install content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with software installers. You can also use these installers to set up ecommerce apps like ZenCart, OS Commerce and Magento. Open the installer and explore the many software options available to you.

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