Top 10 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow and Why

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Everybody is on social media these days, even businesses. Whether you have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram doesn’t matter; why do you follow or “like” the specific companies that you do? It could be a brand or company that you use often and value their products. Some follow companies so that they can get the free offers or coupons they put out. Other people select companies to follow because they are downright hilarious. There are also people who want to give feedback to the companies about their likes and dislikes of the brand. Gone are the days of sending a letter to the company when a person is upset; they go straight to the source.

Behind every good social media presence is marketing executives that have a knack for humor. It’s appealing and that is why we follow them. Most of us like to have our funny bone tickled, and if a company seems to know exactly how to get to you; you follow them. The big businesses love Twitter. Here are 10 products/business that you must follow and the oh so many reasons why:

1. Oreo

Who doesn’t love an Oreo cookie? While these cookies have been around for decades, the spot on advertising and “tweets” have audiences engaged. Dunking cookies is so fun, but many love to follow their links to great recipes too. Oreos are a staple in pie crusts, cheesecakes, and other decadent desserts. Oreo also communicates quite well with their customers. They offer free coupons and plenty of deals for a select lucky few.

2. Charmin

Charmin may be just a toilet paper company to some people, but to others, they are a group that really knows how to market. From the days when they were telling people not to squeeze the Charmin, to the commercials of today, everybody loves this toilet paper. They use a humorous angle to their creation. One of their biggest campaigns was encouraging others to send a “tweet from the seat.” For more hilarious hashtags and other product lines, be sure to follow them. Charmin is also known for their communication with their customers. Like them or hate them, your feedback could get you free products.

3. Old Spice Deodorant/Products

spice is one of the companies that takes their humor to the range of ridiculous. Because there are few barriers on social media, they like to let it fly. They have numerous silly posts that go to both Facebook and Twitter. One of the favorite among fans is the Twitter polls and making fun of them.

4. DiGiorno Pizza

Everyone knows that it’s not delivery, it’s so much better. However, they keep their Facebook page rather tame, but the same cannot be said for their Twitter account. They like to post random thoughts and outlandish stuff that really has nothing to do with pizza. Their one of the twitter accounts to follow. They tend to pick things that are just way far out there, but yet they somehow have some small connection to their products. They have one hilarious marketing team who really utilizes their Twitter accounts well. They also give the best coupons on their page too.

5. Wendy’s

When people think of Wendy’s and their old fashioned hamburgers, they think of the dear sweet little girl and her father and founder, Dave Thomas. However, in the world of social media, all bets are off. Forbes voted Wendy’s as one of the pages to watch on Twitter. They stated that they put stuff that is so funny up that you will blow milk out of your nose. From their “kiss, a ginger day” to their fries daydreaming; Wendy’s is sure to put a smile on your face.

6. Netflix

Netflix really has a presence on the social media boards, and it seems everybody uses their services. What they wouldn’t expect is to see Netflix poking fun at characters or quoting famous lines from movies or shows. They have a myriad of posts and tweets that are sure to make you smile. Some of their tweets are great visual reminders that they have the best shows and movies around on their station. Their subtle marketing is done in a funny way. Netflix is constantly giving away free trials and promotional. They love when customers take the time to give them feedback, and they try to answer many of their customers’ concerns as possible.

7. Starbucks

The coffee of all coffees is one of the favorite to follow on Twitter. While they do have some humor, they tend to want to inspire and nurturing the human spirit through their posts. They do interesting polls, tell of new product release dates, and even get in on their own controversies. Do you remember the red cup? Any avid coffee drinker simply must follow them. They do offer those $1.00 off coupons on occasion too.

8. Skittles

It’s always about the rainbow of good flavor, and the variety of comedic relief they bring to the social media world. They know how to use bright colors and stupidly funny videos to get the people on board. It’s hard to look at one of their ads and not smile. It takes everyone back to their childhood and Skittles is just a master at nostalgia.

9. KRAFT Mac & Cheese

Looking at a plain box of Mac & Cheese, you wouldn’t think it could be a base for funny material. However, the marketing team at KRAFT really makes their mac & cheese laugh worthy. They feature recipes, over the top humor, and all around fun stuff for a wide age group. Kraft is one of the best companies for communicating with their customers. They take customer suggestions seriously and are always looking for feedback to enhance their products.

10. Jet Blue

While this airline may not be the biggest in the world, they sure are the funniest. Jet Blue is one of the companies that really know how to do their social media presence well. They like to add a bit of humor here or there, but they do a great job of giving updates and great information without going over the top. While you may not laugh out loud, you will certainly smile at some of their antics in the name of advertising. When customers take to Twitter to register their complaints about their flights, Jet Blue is one of the companies that always responds. They have even given away free flights for those who’ve had a bad experience. They use humor and want to make you laugh, but at the end of the day, they want to have good customer service too.

Why These Twitter Accounts

Social media has allowed companies to connect with their patrons in a whole new way. Linking with the public allows these companies to find out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. It also allows them to handle their complaints in a more reasonable fashion. They can give out free samples, hand out coupons, or even address customer service issues right from Twitter. Gone are the old-fashion methods of advertising; Twitter is the way to go.

By typing just a few lines and hitting send, these companies can reach the masses with ease. Some businesses say their overall customer satisfaction has increased just because of these new advertising methods. As a customer, it’s fun to watch them create unique ads and one-liners that give us something to smile about every day, but it’s also nice to give feedback too. Isn’t social media pure fun?

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