7 Smart Tips to Engage your Website’s Less Active Customers

customer engagement strategy

Designing any kind of website, whether it’s a store or just an informational website, must cater to both the easily amused but also the other people who aren’t always so amused. It’s vital that you start knowing how to properly keep your users active. In this article, you’re going discover seven powerful tips for engaging your website’s users, especially your less active users.

It’s been researched in a study that found most people usually only stay on a website for 10 seconds. All you have as a website owner is 10 seconds to convince your users. With bad text, odd-looking articles, and a site that clearly isn’t edited out the right way, you’ll find that people will leave without giving you a second chance. When you have people already on your site, it’s all about keeping them interested and engaged. This is when customer engagement strategy comes into play.

1. Keep Your Site Interactive

It’s vital that you strive to look out for unique ways to keep everything interactive. You want to make it easier on your viewers to stay connected and want to stay on your site. It’s one thing to have a professional site designed but it’s a whole other deal to craft an entire amount of quality features to give readers a better experience. Don’t think in terms of making games and making your site fun. Instead, focus on using correct color schemes, utilize easy to use navigation designs, attention-grabbing headers, and using pop-ups accordingly.

2. Provide Them A Reason To Stay Active

Many companies utilize all sorts of tricks to help bring their less active customers in. The key is to know your audience and what it is that they want. Many different family blogs like to have contests for the people in their city to shows like Disney On Ice or Disney Live! They will receive these FREE tickets, create a contest for their readers, and the only way to join the contest is to subscribe to a newsletter, “Like” a Facebook post, and other tasks to gain more online entries. Think of ways you can adapt this to your business. Offer discounts and specials, create more fun opportunities, and give them a reason to stay active. Post more content, make updates to your site weekly, and make sure you let them know about it.

3. Utilize An Email Newsletter

If there is a single way to better connect with your users, it is through an email newsletter. This is also a nice way to help maintain your design on your site. For example, you can have a quick popup show on your screen, and then you could have people signup to your emails. This could be a way to showcase discounts and also create that relationship between you and your readers.

4. Be Social On Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, live streaming, and many other social media sites are changing the world of business and marketing. Social media is changing the way that everybody connects with each other. The best part about using these sites in coordination with your site is that you are giving your users the chance to learn more without boring them with the content they don’t like. Some people are visual learners, and so leading them to your videos on YouTube can help connect you better to your users. LinkedIn brings you closer business-wise to your users. Use as many social media sites as you would like, and you will eventually connect with your users better. The key though is not to be on every single website, but instead to create a few socials and actually be active on them.

5. Visuals Play A Vital Role – Design Is Important

Not only is your content important to be top notch, you really need to make sure that your visual design is appealing. Again, you’ve got 10 seconds to convince people to stay and learn. You can easily communicate the message you want to give across your design. The colors used, creativity, and the overall setup and design of the site communicates who you are as a company. Add personality to what you have to offer. Things like hand-drawn elements, authentic photos, and even simply showing you and the people behind the site or company can help not just with building trust but also engaging your visitors.

6. Keep It Customer-Driven

It’s so important that you take the time to be very customer-driven. Make sure that you strive to make it all about your customers. Are they happy with their service? Do you make it easy for them to ask questions and contact you? The key is to make sure that you strive to make it easy on your users and readers. Keep it customer-driven whenever possible. Phone support, email support, live chat, and anything to get in contact with any of your representatives can make a world of difference.

7. Engage With Users On-The-Go

The majority of people who are going to browse and use your site are most likely going to be online. Engage with your users and take the time to really make it easy on them by going mobile. In other words, create a mobile-app or at least make your current site mobile optimized. This basically means to optimize your site to appear smaller while still providing most if not all of the same features of your original desktop site but in mobile form. This makes it so easy for your readers and also enables you to reach out to the 70+ percent of people who use their phones to shop or browse the web.

Your website can easily have more and more active customers if you are wise with the way you setup your site. Make it easy for your customers by simply using these tips to create your very own customer engagement strategy. You just need to cater to all of your users, and eventually you’ll have everybody, including the not-so-active people on the site to start joining in. It’s all about customer engagement.

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