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best web hosting providers

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to web hosting.  Depending on the type of website you are building and your particular needs for your sites, you should evaluate which one is the best choice for you.  It is extremely important to select the right web hosting provider for your website. Here are the best WordPress hosting providers.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting rates GreenGeeks Web Hosting with four out of five stars. They are a premier environmentally friendly web hosting company that offers both hosting that is unlimited and websites that are free. GreenGeeks never adds on extra fees to the original price. Additionally, they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. These factors as well as their many features makes them one of the best hosting companies.

Hosting Unlimited

GreenGeeks offers a feature that is especially nice for me since I own multiple domains. This feature would give me an unlimited number of domains and each domain would have unlimited numbers of subdomains, parked, and add-on. Also unlimited at GreenGeeks is disk space and bandwidth allowing for a good fit however large my website may be. If my website should grow in the future, these features that are unlimited will certainly be handy as well as valuable.

No Fees for Setup or Domain Migration

If I sign up for GreenGeeks Hosting services, I will only be required to pay my web hosting fee. I won’t be asked for an additional setup fee, and my moving my data from one domain to another won’t require a domain migration fee. This feature will certainly be significant in my choice of a web hosting provider since it will allow me to stick to my budget.

Outstanding WordPress Hosting

When hosting a WordPress website, I was relieved to find GreenGeeks makes installing the program, learning how to use the program and transferring your WordPress site really easy. After I signed up with GreenGeeks, I installed WordPress with only one click. There was no charge for installation, and I also received a free domain name. I was able to use their special help section that is available for anyone creating a WordPress site. Transferring my WorkPress site to Green Geeks was both easy and free.

Free Starter Websites

Starting a website with GreenGeeks is really easy to do. I can get my website up and running quickly by using their free starter websites. All I have to do is simply select one of their templates. I can then customize the template with my logo and information. They also provide as many as five email accounts for my website and enlist my website with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

24/7 Phone Support Not Available

Although the array of features of GreenGeeks is excellent, their phone support is slightly less than 24/7. However, I don’t think this would be a problem since phone support is available every day. If I have a problem at times when phone support isn’t available, I can use live chat to quickly get help.

Mobile site Creator Not Offered

GreenGeeks does not provide the creation of mobile-friendly sites. Use of smartphones and tablets has been on the increase, and a website that is not mobile-friendly is missing out on opportunities to reach viewers. This is especially concerning since the latest Google ranking update penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly in their ranking on Google.

InMotion Web Hosting

When I discovered that InMotion Web Hosting is the current PCMagazine Editors’ Choice, I decided that this company must be one of the best hosting companies around. I was searching for a Web host that would allow me to easily and quickly create a professional website, and I thought it best to check out the services provided by InMotion Web Hosting.

The service offerings of this company are many and varied such as shared web hosting, e-commerce tools, dedicated Web hosting, virtual private server hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Indeed, InMotion’s managed WordPress hosting is totally complete and better than most others as a Web host.

I believe a business website must be capable of withstanding high traffic volumes. The launching of a business website requires a server for the web pages, audio, photo and video files that make up its online presence.

Two Types of Servers

What is a server? A server is simply a computer, but it’s a computer that performs many essential tasks such as providing answers to information requests and delivering data to other computers either over a wireless or wired network. There are two types of servers. One is a shared server that hosts multiple sites. However, a dedicated server powers just one site.

Should I invest in a dedicated server? A shared server simply can’t offer the Website reliability and stability a dedicated server offers. With a dedicated server, my site will have the vantage of the server’s full RAM, CPU, and HDD resources. The advantage of dedicated servers is significant. If I were using a shared server and several sites on my server got high traffic, pages might load slowly or even not at all. In addition, dedicated servers would give me better control over scripts and apps that I install on the server as well. InMotion offers dedicated servers with unlimited mailboxes and domains.

Although dedicated servers sound like they are best, their relatively high price of a cost of over $100 each month compared to a $10 per month cost of a shared server certainly requires me to consider the price difference. With a shared server, I will also need a managed server that will take care of maintenance and firewalls. A managed server will also add to the cost. Depending on my budget, I could use either a shared or dedicated server of InMotion with good results.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Web Host

So, what other things should I consider when choosing a web host? Well, I certainly will need a server with ample amounts of disk space or even unlimited disk space to store files. InMotion hosting offers 1.2TB in disk space and 16GM of RAM which is definitely ample. In addition, InMotion also offers features such as 24/7 customer service, monthly unlimited data transfers, options of e-commerce, and 1TB hard drives.
InMotion offers a generous 90 day money-back guarantee as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their powerful service is capable of hosting multiple domains, and all the packages include one free domain.

Looking at possible negatives, InMotion’s packages are a bit more expensive than some competitors, and they do not allow for the integration of Google site tools.

WPEngine Web Hosting

WPEngine may be new to you even if you’ve heard of WordPress, but let me give you a quick introduction. The design of WPEngine was created to be a scalable and fast platform for WordPress websites. However, WordPress does not scale well just out of the box. If I should get a sudden onslaught of visitors, my site would begin crawling very rapidly and even start to crash. WPEngine offers a solution for that at a set price. Therefore, if I need the power, it is available for me. WPEngine sites have relatively unlimited bandwidth and storage and are configured with caching and MaxCDN. Since it is a fully managed service, support by WordPress experts is handy and accessible and backups are also taken care of.

WPEngine’s Outstanding Staging Area Feature

WPEngine’s outstanding staging area platform undoubtedly makes them one of the best hosting companies. Unique to the WPEngine platform is a staging platform where a live website can be copied, changed, tweaked and tested on a server. Incredibly, this can be done safely without affecting the live website. It is a really great idea to be able to try out a plugin or a new more creative theme without breaking the site. Once the configuring and testing of the site is done, just one click will turn it over to my live site. One minute my time-worn site was in need of updating, and then with just a button click it was so much sleeker and up-to-date.

Reasons to Try WPEngine

WPEngine offers a 60 day free trial refund guarantee making a trial risk-free. In addition, their support is exceptional. When I ran into a problem I could not solve, I sent them an email. My email was answered within a moment even though it was outside normal business hours. To use WPEngine is the best decision I could have made. Since I started with them, I’ve had no weird delays and no lags in time. Navigating is both quick and easy on my admin panel and no longer the slow drag it was before. A simple check of my speed test reports assures me that my overall site performance has improved a great deal.

Even though WPEngine may be a little pricey, their superior features compared to other hosts makes them well worth the price.

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