The 5 Best Premium WordPress Themes in 2015

best wordpress themeseAs the top Internet template creator on the market today, WordPress continues to be the most impressive tool that is used by countless webmasters. Premium WordPress themes add a level of features that are above and beyond even the base level of WordPress themes. Here is an accounting of the 5 best premium themes in 2015.

The Best WordPress Themes of 2015

1) Qards

In 2015 and beyond, there is going to be a great deal of intellectual retail spent on creating and using WordPress themes that consist of cards and tiles. This is a much more effective layout for responsive websites, and stats show that people simply like the look better as well. Qards is a different take on this type of website.

Qards can run as a standalone theme, or it can be implemented as a plugin into another theme, giving that theme card and tile implementation. This functionality and diversity has seen it implemented in many websites even when it is not the focal point of the site.

The Qards system also gives you one of the quickest and most thorough platforms for creating and changing the appearance and the functionality of your site in a relatively easy way. You can do all of this without any coding at all, as Qards can be implemented in a full plug and play platform. The program has an in-line editor that will allow you to change your cards on the fly or before you arrange them and publish them.

The card features allow a webmaster to create a site with multiple web pages without being annoying about it. Users can move from card to card without feeling that they have missed anything. In short, a webmaster can leave it up to the customer to create his or her own sales funnel. This is quite effective when it comes to the technique of making a customer believe that he convinced himself to buy the product.

For most webmasters, the Qards system is a top three solution for the year 2015. The flexibility of the program is unparalleled, and many of the online marketing experts expect that it will become even bigger than it already has as it continues to improve itself.

2) Rosa

Rosa employs a new technique called parallax. This is a technique that webmasters use for animations as well as backgrounds. Although the parallax technique is quite complicated, the Rosa theme takes the best of it and streamlines its features into perhaps one of the best fronts for photography, restaurant and art websites on the Internet.

With Rosa, you can easily create full screen image galleries, typography animations and other types of portfolios that will create an outstanding presentation for an art gallery or for an individual artist. However, the real advantage of a program such as Rosa is the built in aesthetics that allow for a central focal point that can really draw attention to the work of an artist or to the preferred dishes of a restaurant.

3) Codilight

Codilight is named quite accurately – there is very light to no coding involved in this incredibly bright and flexible theme. Even with the theme of no coding, the program is full of the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 so that you do not have to worry about anything more complicated than placing your images and text where you want them to go.

In its promotional materials, the platform says that it is geared towards blog and magazine websites. The theme definitely has plenty of white space, allowing for a sparse yet streamlined presentation that brings a great deal of attention to certain parts of the screen without becoming overbearing.

The major improvement that this system has over others is its internal review system. If you are looking to create a blog that reviews products in an industry, there is virtually no better system to use than this one. Codilight also has a lot of potential for people who are looking to supplement their income as affiliate marketers. You will be able to easily create back links by creating your own reviews and soliciting them from anyone who comes to the website. Because the major search engines are incredibly sensitive when it comes to finding new reviews, you will have a leg up over all of your competition whether you are selling products or making money reviewing them.

4) Kallyas – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

If you’re looking to break into the business world with your new website, then the Kallyas – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme maybe just the theme for you. Whether you are looking to create your own portfolio space or set up an e-commerce website for some other purpose, you will have one of the best layout formats and options of any premium theme on WordPress today.

If you do not have the time or the expertise to set up your own portfolio, the Kallyas – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme comes with three layouts that are already set up for exactly that purpose. Even if you do not end up using these layouts, you can start with them and get some inspiration in order to take your portfolio to the next level. The page builder has also been praised as one of the smoothest on the market today. The support services are also top-notch, and the included documentation will ensure that you are able to get started off on the right foot without hiring an expensive third-party online marketing consultant.

5) Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This is definitely not a one track template. Royal is a company that offers a sum of themes, with this particular package containing more than 60. No matter what you are looking to do, you will definitely be able to find a large amount of inspiration from one of the themes that is included in this package.

If you are unsure of the value of a 60-package theme, rest assured that you will be able to install and uninstall different portions of the program on command. You will be able to try out an array of different functions without going through a great deal of steps in between your changes.

Royal also has short codes and tailored widgets that will make the implementation of your website even easier. Of all of the premium WordPress themes that are included in this article, the Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is perhaps the most efficient option for people who are looking for a quick solution without having any previous knowledge of how to set up a website online.


2015 is far from over, and there will likely be more candidates for the best WordPress themes of 2015 before everything is said and done. Make sure that you keep your ear to the street in order to find out about updates to the themes above as well as other developers that will build off of the technological advancements of these forward thinking programs!

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