4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Add Social Media Share Buttons To Your Site


social media share buttons

Online marketing is much more than just a gimmick: it’s how market leaders separate themselves from the pack. If you want to have a successful business after your created your website, you need to spend some time and effort crafting an online marketing strategy. One of the most important aspects of that is tapping into the power of social media.

Social media is an important mechanism for getting the word about about your brand. That includes both general information and specific news, so the time to learn how to use social media is now. You have to make it as easy as possible for people to use social media to interact with your brand. That’s why you must add social media share buttons to your site in logical places. In this post, we’ll discuss exactly why social media buttons matter so much and why you need to incorporate them into your web design as soon as possible.

1. Ease of Access

It’s a fundamental principle of good web design that you need to make things as easy and fast for the user as possible. That includes any action they might want to take on your site. If you want your users to share things on social media, you have to make that something they can do immediately, on impulse. It has to take minimal effort and time to share something, and that is what these buttons are perfect for: they make it easy. Anytime the user has to face a barrier like an extra click or additional keystrokes, you risk them losing interest and doing something else. With the share buttons, all it takes is one click and they are done. This is particularly important for mobile users, who are a large and growing share of the Internet population. It’s harder for them to click and type because of their small screens and lack of keyboards and mice. The buttons just take one tap, circumventing many of the problems and obstacles to using a mobile device.

2. Social Media as Word of Mouth

It’s more important than ever to make this social media connection, because Facebook and Twitter, along with Instagram in some cases, are important sources of peer advice. People look to their friends and their influencers for guidance. If your brand lacks inroads to the social networks that your customers use, then you are losing out on a source of marketing. Social media posts and conversations have become the new form of word of mouth. One post can spread far in the right network, but only if you make it possible with share buttons. When someone sees a social media post about a company or brand, it will likely not have an effect on them right away, but later on when they are thinking about that type of product, they will probably remember that they saw a friend talking about your brand online. That could be all the push they need to visit your website and decide if they want to buy from you. It costs you very little to have well-placed share buttons, and the rewards are potentially significant.

3. Social Media as SEO Booster

There’s more to social media than just the message of the brand itself. The more social media shares your content gets, the higher you will rank on Google. Search engines love to see that content is spreading on social idea, because that is a sign of quality. The more your content takes hold and gets shared, the better evaluation it will get from search engine algorithms. It has become common lately to start company blogs because of how useful blogs can be for SEO purposes. Blogs have continually updated content that attracts views and clicks. If you take the extra step and add in social media share buttons, then the potential SEO boost becomes even larger. It is unlikely that any particular blog post is going to see a huge number of shares and views, but virality should not be your goal. Just having a few shares can go a long way toward increasing the credibility of your blog in the eyes of Google. Consider trying to encourage readers to share each post with a call to action at the end, so that you can tip a few more people into sharing. Even if there is no re-sharing and engagement on the social media platform, the mere fact that there is social media engagement at all matters.


When it comes to marketing, you have to make many decisions based not on whether something will have an impact, but whether that impact is worth the investment you need to make. These share buttons are so easy to use and add in most design platforms that from that perspective they are a great investment. It is simple to attach them to any content and it takes almost no time once you know how to do it. Sure, adding share buttons won’t radically change the game for you, but considering how simple and easy it is, you invest almost nothing for a noticeable benefit.

The bottom line is that there are several different ways that share buttons can benefit you, and they are trivial to install. At this point, there is no reason not to have them in strategic parts of your site, especially if you have a blog. Whether you are more interested in the SEO side of how social media works on your behalf or the pure marketing and word of mouth perspective, you’ll get so much mileage out of share buttons that you really need to make some time to set them up. You’ll reap the rewards for a long time afterwards.

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