5 Reasons Why SEO Is Essential To Your Website

seo for website

Your website is an accomplishment that is meant to be viewed by others. If it is the face of your business’s online presence, it can only be truly profitable if large numbers of people are visiting your website every single day. Even if your website has been uploaded for other than business purposes, you may still desire to attract massive amounts of traffic to your site to serve other needs. Whatever your reasons for needing to reach a large audience with your website, the fact is that your website and the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods need to become intimately acquainted for many reasons. Here are a few you should be aware of that will help your website thrive online.

1. Working With Search Engines

The easiest way to get your website noticed by people surfing online is to be picked up by popular search engines. If your website is not using the latest SEO methods for working with sites like Google, then chances are your website will not be made available to the greater majority of people online. Search engines expect that you already understand that SEO is a critical step that allows your website to be properly noticed and crawled by a search engine algorithm that is looking for specific SEO-related information. Search engines cannot give preference to every website on the Internet. In simple terms, your website is involved in a survival of the fittest style process of establishing its relevance online with respect to a countless number of competing websites, and the popular search engines give preference to the fittest uses of SEO methodologies.

2. SEO And Ranking

It is not enough to simply get a search engine to notice and crawl your website. What you are hoping for is high search rankings. When a user of a search engine makes a request, certain websites come up at the top of the list of returned values and others are shoved further down the list to the bottom. Since only a finite number of listings can occupy a user’s screen at a given point in time, any additional listings get relocated to another page that the user does not immediately see. The only time these lower rankings get viewed is if the user is having difficulty finding what they are looking for in the top ranked sites being displayed. Using the latest SEO methods is essential for helping your website move towards the top of the ranking stack. Failure to be ranked near the top will reduce your site traffic, because users will not be able to easily find your website in their search efforts.

3. Getting Displayed in the Proper Niche Searches

When a user goes hunting for information on a search engine, typically what they are looking for is highly specific information on a subject. Using SEO for website crawlers is a key way that your website communicates what type of information your website contains to the crawler sifting through your website structure and data. If, for example, your website was designed around featuring after market auto parts for sale, the last thing you want is your site accidentally coming up only in unrelated searches. This can occur because of lacking SEO instructions to help search engines move your searchable content into the correct niche specific responses to user search queries. To recap a bit, the SEO you add to your site is trying to get search engines to pick up your site, favorably rank your site and make certain your site is delivered up when niche specific searches on your site’s topic are requested by a user. Although it can be useful for your site to come up in unrelated searches in some instances, it is generally more important for your website to be the king of its own niche domain. Websites that dominate in their niche are referred to as authority sites and search engines typically take authority sites far more seriously than non-authoritative sites.

4. Updating Your Site

Another often overlooked area of SEO importance is site updates. When you make changes or add content to your website, you do not want the changes or new content to have a detrimental effect on your rankings. You also do not want to use SEO for website directives that accidentally confuses popular search engines. This could potentially push your content outside of your niche in a way that makes your website virtually invisible to users entering search parameters into a search engine for information in your website’s niche topic range. When updating your website, you want to be careful to follow SEO methods that help to retain your website’s good standing with a search engine and, if at all possible, improve its standing to ensure your website obtains more favorable organic search displays on popular search engines.

5. The SEO Marketing Relationship

When people think of SEO, they often do not consider the marketing aspect of how SEO demonstrates their website to be more relevant than other websites trying to be ranked by search engines. In all honesty, a search engine is not smart enough to simply look at your website and grasp that it is relevant. In many situations, search engines react to how users and other websites interact with your website. If thousands of other websites started linking to your website or millions of comments about your website URL come up all over the web, chances are this SEO strategy would compel popular search engines to take your website even more seriously as the available metrics the search engine uses expresses how popular your site is becoming. Remember, the goal of SEO strategies and methods is to convey to a search engine why your site is relevant to users. Hence, popularity becomes an important factor in conveying to a search engine that users want to know what your site is saying and offering.


SEO methods and strategies, when properly used, can have a profound positive effect on how search engines view and rank the website your created. Failure to employ any SEO measures will often result in the opposite effect. As more website owners employ SEO measures to improve their online presence, this makes competition for top search engine rankings a fierce and competitive arena where positions are reevaluated on a continual basis. Only the websites that operate with the best SEO methods and strategies will stand out among the rest and dominate in their particular niche.

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