Top 5 Reasons You Should Add Video To Your Website

add video to website

Video is becoming more popular with businesses each day as the preferred method of communicating with their prospects. The transition may be a little off-putting to you if you’re used to posting text-based information to your business website. The nervousness is understandable, but you need to know that videos are not your enemies. Oftentimes, videos and texts go hand in hand. There is a time and place for both. Consider the five following reasons that a video would be an invaluable addition to your website.

1. Videos Satisfy the “Instant Gratification” Generation

Welcome to the instant gratification era where everyone wants what they want–immediately. If you look at your analytics, you’ll probably notice that many of your visitors only stay on your site for less than two minutes. That doesn’t always happen because your site is horrific. It happens sometimes because your visitors are from generation LOL. You have to tailor your information to the potential customers who are too impatient to spell out phrases like “laughing out loud.” A video can do that. Videos are amazing because they can fit a wealth of information in them in as few as 15 seconds. A high-quality video can truly make that two minutes that quickie visitors stay work for you. It can hook ‘em and book ‘em so to speak.

2. Viral Videos Advertise to New People Every Day

Videos have the potential to be huge advertising campaigns if they have the right ingredients for viral popularity. Yes, it is possible for an article to gain many shares and rise quickly in popularity. Videos rise at a near speed-of-light rate, however. They can catapult into viralness overnight. Once your videos hit viral status, your brand name spreads like wildfire to thousands–maybe millions–of people that you would not have reached otherwise. That’s what you want, and that’s why videos are so spectacular. All you have to do is work with a good video production company if your business does not have such a person on your staff.

3. Moving Pictures Eliminate Left Turns

You should add video to website content because it breaks up the monotony of text blocks, dull colors and formal writing. Not that formal writing isn’t 100 percent necessary in many cases. However, there is nothing wrong with letting down your hair or taking off your tie for a few minutes and mixing it up. It’ll keep your long-term customers guessing, and it will place your site in the versatile category.

Videos help you to “color in between the lines” when it comes to subject matter, as well. Writers have a habit of going off on tangents or missing the point just a little bit when the text is long. Such is the plight of the human being. Videos can almost eliminate those errors. A video will force you to stay on point because you will hear yourself speaking the words, and you will see your presentation when you watch the project to edit it. You will know if something seems off about what you are saying to your potential customers.

4. Mini-Flicks Hit Like a Brisk, Cold Wind

Not all personalities appreciate long-winded text. Lengthy text apparently lulls some readers to sleep and enrages others. A strong, punchy video may be just what you need to entertain members of Complainers Anonymous when they visit your site. It can snap those viewers into alertness faster than an ice cube in the shirts can. It can bring forth elements of excitement and anticipation and kick-shift your finicky customers into buying mode. Your videos can release a lot of power if you work with a seasoned creation expert. You’ll have to pull out the heavy artillery so that you can capture the hearts of the haters as well as the lovers.

5. Videos Give Your Brand a Face

Last but not least, videos give you the opportunity to show the people who you are. You can use any style that you want to use in your video if you want to be the main actor in it. You can be professional, casual, formal, informal, humorous, dry, wet, sassy, classy and more. The sky is the limit. Just remember that the people who watch the video will associate anything you do or say with your brand. Don’t do or say anything that you don’t want to stick to your brand name. Otherwise, have fun with it. Be yourself. Let the consumers know that you are a down-to-earth person who likes some of the same things they like. Show them that you are a human being or an artist and not a “business entity” or a sales machine. You can use video production to allow your shoppers to get to know you. You can also use it to give tutorials on product usage and such. The possibilities are endless.

You are probably about ready to call a digital media company and add video to the website your created. Excellent. Just do it.

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