11 Best WordPress Themes For A Photography Website

best wordpress photography themes

When a photographer decides to build a site and present their work to the world, most will choose to go with WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and there are hundred of themes for photographers to choose from to use for their site. Here are 11 of the best WordPress photography themes there are available in 2016.

1. Oshine

The Oshine theme gives off a very professional vibe, and it is also has multiple purposes. One thing photographers will note about the theme is how ideal it is for creating a quality portfolio. It is extremely easy to build for whatever purpose is needed. All the photographer has to do is follow the prompts, and there is no coding necessary. Galleries, interactive showcases and pre-designed elements are just a few of Oshine’s powerful features.

2. Keen

Keen is an interesting and useful theme for photographers. It is known for having a minimal design layout, but the minimal quality is what makes it so attractive. There are a number of useful functions available to justify why Keen is one of the best WordPress photography themes. All of the sub-pages were pre-designed by the creator, and it comes with three homepage options. Finally, it is one of the better photography themes for mobile use.

3. Modern AIT Widescreen

The Widescreen theme may be the best option to choose from for building a portfolio site. There are a myriad of pre-designed layouts and features, and it is a theme all photographers will find quite useful. Widescreen does not require a professional web designer to help set up or build, and it looks crisp and professional at the same time for beginners and seasoned professionals. The AIT composer’s set of incredible elements is what helps to set this theme apart from the competition.

4. Trend

Trend has everything in a photography theme, and it is the ultimate multipurpose selection. It allows the user to build a site centering around several different concepts. It is ideal for building a site for photography articles, a gallery site, a simple photography site or to build a site for a professional portfolio. Also, it has a powerful array of features for creating showcases or a portfolio, and the ability to create video showcases to run on auto play is a huge bonus. There is so much more too.

5. Bluebird

Professional photographers who have no idea how to design or develop a website are going to love the Bluebird theme. This layout has a very modern and clean look, and it matches up with what is considered standard, modern design for current site trends too. The useful pre-designed layouts include pricing pages, two different blog styles, three different kinds of portfolio layouts and much more. Using Bluebird to build a portfolio showcase is a great way to save time.

6. Grand Portfolio

The Grand Portfolio theme was designed for professional photographers to build an astonishing looking website to match astonishing work too. Photographers will want to choose this theme if they value how attractive their site looks as much as they do their photos. Themegoods is the creator of Grand Portfolio, and it is known for producing quality themes with amazing functions. It has pre-designed layouts for certain niches of photography, and it can also be set up for commerce with ease.

7. Clean Photo

The finished product of a site made with this theme is crisp, trendy and gorgeous. Clean Photo comes pre-loaded with plugins and premium features. A revolution slider, visual composer and ACF plugin are examples of some of the free and powerful tools included with this theme. The various homepages, menus, portfolio items, headers and other options already designed help make it easy for a professional photographer lacking web design skills to make a great site.

8. DK

DK is not only one of the best photography themes of 2016, it was one of the best photography themes ever designed. The popularity of DK in 2016 is justified. DK is a highly versatile portfolio building photography theme because it adds the ability to include in blog posts, standard photography and many freelance aspects. Since it was created by the Themegoods team, it is also kept updated constantly.

9. PHOTOgraphy

The PHOTOgraphy theme is a new layout being used by photographers to build their sites, and it is already quite popular. It has a number of perks photographers are going to be thrilled about. Just to start off, there are two separate layouts with one being a dark design and the other a light design. Also, there are over 70 professional looking templates to pick from for the gallery and portfolio pages as well. Next, there are 10 different navigation menu options, and the flexibility of professional options continue on from there to help build an ideal site.

10. Vega

Vega has been a consistent bestseller of photography themes on the Themeforest category for some time now. Photographers are able to put their work on display in various unique and classic layouts like masonry, grid, and many others. There is a content builder built-in, which allows the photographer to design their own layout without having to tamper with the coding of Vega too, so this is also a theme where a professional site can be built using a ton features without having to be a seasoned web designer.

11. Hiker

The Hiker theme is the standard of what a modern, clean portfolio site should look like. It is why it has been consistently popular in the photography design category for WordPress. The template responds to whatever size screen it is presented on, so it will look appealing on any device. It offers numerous, simplified building options, and comes with the visual composer plugin, which makes it another theme where no coding skills are needed.

It is important to have a professional and visually appealing site when presenting art for the world, which is what photography is. Picking the right theme is a critical career decision for an artist. These 11 themes are the best among the many WordPress has to offer to make the choice a lot easier.

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